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before and after a deck cleaning by Even Flow


In the Worcester and Middlesex areas, decks take a heavy beating. Freezing winters, rainy springs and humid summers cause algae and lichen growth, while the sun bakes and blisters decking materials.

Many homeowners in Massachusetts choose composite decks because they withstand the seasons better. Most homeowners don’t realize that composite materials are extremely easy to damage with a high pressure hose. Power washing a composite deck can leave permanent etch marks.

Massachusetts homeowners choose composite fencing for the same reasons they choose composite decking. It lasts longer, but it also attracts moss, dirt and lichen. Wood fences are also magnets for dirt and grime.

Why Choose Us

You may have tried fence cleaners from the big box stores that haven’t worked. But don’t give up. No matter what type of fence or deck you have, Even Flow Pressure Washing can help with fence restoration.

Our low pressure washing system is perfect for composite or wood decks. We can remove dirt and moss from either with our gentle spray and solution. We rehydrate wood decking and fencing using our “special sauce” and gently rinse the solution off.

Our low pressure cleaning treatment will have your deck or fence looking like it was just installed by the time we leave.

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